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We are not about the intimate dining experience; we are about India’s vibrant, lively and exceptional dining, with the launch of our smaller plates to encourage you to taste of variety of different dishes. Although the main course of Indian cuisine is mouth watering but, what sets us apart are the services we offer in small versions.

Yes! Street food is our forte and we have skilled chef's to bring you the supreme taste of our street food dressed the new way.Pani puri, Wadapav(Indian Street Food) etc. are taken for a twist to serve the best of our restaurant. For over a year, Bambukat has been providing with sumptuous locally-sourced food that is unmistakable in its quality and presentation.

Bambukat History

How we started

Indian cuisine reflects a 5,000-year history of various cultures interacting with the subcontinent, leading to its diversity of flavors and regional cuisines. To totally appreciate the depth and breadth of our unique Indian cuisine, we would encourage you to share dishes with your fellow diners and taste a wide range of contrasting flavors. Our menu is influenced from the authentic flavors of India, particularly from the street food markets with our own modern twist!

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Bambukat - Indian Food Restaurant in Sheffield and Huddersfield UK